Water hopper (4.5-6 years) (German only)

Children from 4.5-6 years (course duration 40 minutes)

The course is intended for non-swimmers, i.e. children who cannot yet stay afloat without a swimming aid. The entire course block takes place in standing deep water (65-120 cm).

Course objectives:

- get familiar with the element water
- gaining first experiences with the medium water
- Reduce fears
- basic skills like diving/breathing
- Foot jumps into shallow water as well as floating and gliding in it
- first acquisition of the swimming movement

Material: Swimwear and towel must be brought along.

Info: The course takes place without the presence of parents in the pool. It is not necessary to accompany the children to the indoor pool. The course instructor will pick up the children at the reception 15 minutes before the course starts and return them to the same place after the course.

Course dates: The courses take place from Monday to Friday always at the same time.

Price will be calculated